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Christian Life

On the Road
Spirituality for harassed parents
Is life as a Christian real? 
Is life as a Christian real or something that only happens on Sundays and holy days, in dreams and the privacy of our homes?
On the Road Spirituality for harassed parents

Christian behaviour on the road.

My old van would not go any faster, as the hill approached the speed fell away. BMW behind, other cars to the left, stuck in the outside lane... The next lucky driver got more than just my flashing light, my tongue went into gear. You silly ***** canít you see that I am trying to move over. I wave to him with my fingers, he gets the message and looks astonished.
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Spirituality for harassed parents
and other stressed out people.

When I became a Christian in the 1980s, it was impressed upon me by my evangelical friends that I must begin each day with a "Quiet Time"...It wasn't long though before it became a bit of a burden. Sit bleary-eyed clutching a cup of coffee, trying to work out who I am and why I set my alarm for such an unearthly hour.
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