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Games for youth groups

Great games for youth groups.

"Where do you get all of these games?" One of the lads asked as we started to play plate spinning. He did not wait for an answer, but it set me thinking that there were a number of games here that are not generally known and are good fun for youth groups and the like.
The lists below show the title of the game followed by other useful information. Click on the title of the game to find out more details.
It would be worth also reading some of the following ground rules about games in general.
Health and safety is important.  
A first aid kit should be available, easily accessible and well stocked. Someone in leadership should know how to use it.
Having said that if a few simple rules are followed then accidents will be kept to a minimum.
It is important that the game leader is aware of the space they are running the game in. Are there any obstacles in the path of the game which need to be removed or players warned about. e.g. radiators on walls that can be run into columns etc.
Some games will involve physical contact which will need to be closely monitored to ensure that no-one is being hurt. It is worth in these cases to have a signal, e.g. a long blast of a whistle, which warns everyone to be still and enable control.
Protect the Venue.
When ball games are played if the space in which the game is played has objects that can be damaged, then measures need to be taken. Some items can be removed to a safe area. Windows cannot, therefore consider using soft balls or putting a restriction on how high a ball can be hit. Many halls have an area of the wall painted in a different colour for the lower part of about 1M or 3ft which can be a useful guide.
Team games are great for team building and can often be used to make new members feel part of a group. Have fun.

GameVenueCompetitive / FunIndividual or Team
Blow Football Small Room Competitive Individual
Wink Murder Small Room Just for Fun Individual
Board Games Small Room Competitive Individual
Charades Small Room Just for Fun Individual
Matchstick Tower Small Room Competitive Individual
Pick up Sticks Small Room Competitive Individual
Pass the Polo Small Room Competitive Team
Pass the orange Small Room Competitive Team
Blow Motor Racing Small Room Competitive Individual
Balloon Volley Ball Small Room Competitive Team
Blind Mans Buff Medium Room Just for Fun Individual
Submarines Medium Room Competitive Individual
In the Pond Medium Room Competitive Individual
Simon Says Medium Room Competitive Individual
Catch Medium Room Competitive Individual
Catch and Punch Medium Room Competitive Individual
King of the Jungle Medium Room Competitive Individual
Post Offices and Banks Medium Room Competitive Team
Hit below the Knees Hall Competitive Individual
Ball and Bowl Hall Competitive Team
Quoit and Sticks Hall Competitive Team
Hand Ball Hall Competitive Team
Cat and Mouse Hall Just for Fun Individual
Relays Hall Competitive Team
Long Jump Hall Competitive Individual
High Jump Hall Competitive Individual
Blind Pirate Hall Just for Fun Individual
Jump the Slipper Hall Competitive Individual
4 in a Bowl Hall Competitive Team
Horses and Jockeys Hall Competitive Team
Danish Long Arm Hall Competitive Team
Plate Spinning Hall Competitive Individual
Football Posts Hall Competitive Team

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