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Community of the Word of God

We seek to do this through a life of prayer, in submission to the Word of God and in fellowship with one another, fulfilling our ministries in the world and engaging in compassionate service and outgoing evangelism.

The Community was founded in Hackney, East London in November 1972. It was the vision of a group of Evangelical Christians who felt called to found a religious community for women, but soon this vision widened, and the Lord brought together a group of men and women, some married with children and some single, who felt called to serve God in prayer, in community life and in evangelism. Their inspiration was found in the scriptures and in their personal and corporate experience of Christ. This double dedication to Jesus, the Living Word and to the scriptures as the Word of God is seen in the Community's name. Always at the forefront of the members' minds were the needs of the area in which they lived and their longing to share the love of Jesus with those around.

The pattern of the Community's daily life is rather like that of a Christian family whose members, living closely together, seek to share the love of Jesus and to encourage each other in their work and witness. The Community's base is still in Hackney, in three terraced houses next door to each other, where members live, meeting daily for meals and prayer. One evening a week is kept exclusively for Community members, but for the rest of the time the houses remain open to those who come.

The present Community is made up of a small group of women, the families having moved away. They come from London and from other parts of England; some are home-based, while others follow full-time work either in secular jobs or in the church. Those who are home-based are especially involved in the work of the community's third house, which is a place of prayer, quiet and rest for those who seek a retreat experience within the stress and busyness of inner-city life. This extends the long-standing retreat work in which the Community are involved. Members may also be engaged in evangelistic initiatives and hospitality to build Christian fellowship. Others are called to a listening ministry and all share in pastoral care and the three-fold pattern of daily prayer when the work of the wider church and the needs of the world are brought before the Lord in intercession and praise. Each member of the Community is deeply involved in the life of the local church and also seeks to serve God as part of the wider Christian family.

Linked with the community in prayer and fellowship is a group of Companions who live in other parts of the British Isles and abroad. There is also a group of Friends who, while having no formal commitment to the community, support the work with their prayers and encouragement.

If you ask members what Community life means to them they may point you to the round of prayer, to the fun of shared activities, to their experience of Christian love, to lives changed by the indwelling Spirit of Jesus, to the bustle of family life or to the caring which goes on day by day. But really none of these things sums it up. The work of a community is 'to be', and it is because we believe that God has called us 'to be' in the inner-city, and to share in His saving work that we are here and deeply committed to each other through Him.

We believe also that God wants the Community of the Word of God to grow and, in due course, to spread to many places. We believe God intends that further groups should be formed which will be centres of common life, love and witness under the Word of God, and where members can be encouraged and empowered for service.

We hope that some who read these words will feel drawn to seek a closer link with the Community. This can be done by full membership, or by becoming a Companion or a Friend.

Basis of faith
  1. The divine inspiration and trustworthiness of Holy Scripture and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. By Holy Scripture is meant the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments.
  2. The unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.
  3. The universal sinfulness and guilt of human nature since the fall.
  4. Justification by faith alone and redemption from guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the atoning death of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, made effective in the life of the believer through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  5. The bodily resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, and the expectation of His personal return.
  6. The direct access of the individual to God through Christ's sacrifice at Calvary offered once for all, and through His unique mediation as our great High Priest.


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