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Children in the Church

What do you think about children in the church? 
In the way? Angelic? OK if they are not mine? I have for a long time been involved in work with children, but it was not until I had my own that my thinking about children in the church really started. 


Yes they are in the way, angelic and OK if they are not mine. However they are there, and whether it is because they want to be or because they have to be they are part of the body of Christ and therefore it is our duty to provide for them as we should provide for all members of that same body.

Ideas for use in Sunday school and youth work.
The following are some ideas to use in "Sunday school, youth work etc" or with your own kids. If anybody should take teaching children seriously then it has to start with the parent or carer.

What to do if you find yourself with a child in a church with no activities. 
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Ideas for churches with activities.
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User-friendly worship.
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Ideas for children in churches
Activity Sheets 
Links for children and their workers

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